10 Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Android 2019

Although Torrents are known to contain malware that can potentially steal and harm your device, they are still a much-used software to download and stream audio, video, full-length movies, books, PDFs and many other files for free!

Most torrent downloaders for Android offer interesting features like bandwidth control by allowing you to download files only via Wi-Fi which saves your data plan. Torrents allow you to define their limit of usage (download) which causes lag, thus, slowing down your Internet. We present you some of the Top 10 Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Android 2019. Let’s dive in, Shall we?

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Fastest Torrent Downloaders For Android 2019

1. Flud

Flud can download all kinds of files hosted in the protocol directly by your phone or tablet. Useful and fast to download large files. There are tools for creating lists, pausing and resuming downloads. An interesting feature of the app allows you speedy download and have almost no limits on upload. You gotta like that!

Flud – Android Torrent Client

The app can specify folders and file priorities. The UI permits you to move files around even when downloading. Flud can download torrents with multiple files and of larger size. It can also work under the use of proxy & encryption.

There is also the option to download only via WiFi, various themes are available for use and the optimised user interface for phone & tablet displays. One of the fastest torrent downloader for android available out there.   DownloadQR-Code Flud – Torrent Downloader Developer: Delphi Softwares Price: Free   

2. µTorrent

µTorrent is certainly one of the best and a famous Android Torrent downloader. It has been around for ages and serviced by BitTorrent.

uTorrent Downloader

As you might be familiar, there are buttons at the top of the screen that allows you to start/stop/pause/record and even add or drop a torrent magnetic link. Ou can see who is downloading your content. The application shows a download and upload speed report in detail.

There is no downloading limit like the desktop application & that allows you to unleash your crazy side by downloading all the Internet. You can also share your files with the world, such as photos, audio or video that you made.   DownloadQR-Code µTorrent®- Torrent Downloader Developer: BitTorrent, Inc. Price: Free+

3. BitTorrent

The BitTorrent is the top-tier torrent client for Android for ages now & it also happens to hold true for Android. BitTorrent offers a wondrous simple way to discover, download & share the media anywhere & with anybody.


The app comes in 3 different flavors, BitTorrent Free, BitTorrent Remote & BitTorrent Pro which costs $7.62 on Google Play Store. Some of the features include,

  • No banners
  • Battery saver suspends torrents when the battery is below a predefined level
  • Save battery + Data by auto-turn off feature
  • Wi-Fi only mode for saving on mobile data
  • Easy access to your media with built-in music and video libraries
  • Download torrents and magnetic links… and much more!

  DownloadQR-Code BitTorrent®- Torrent Downloads Developer: BitTorrent, Inc. Price: Free+

4. Vuze

Vuze has a built-in Search module, containing thousands of files registered in its database and still connects with other P2P and other torrent networks; to significantly increase the amount of results available for its user to download without juggling between app and Google search.

Apart from being a mature file downloader, Vuze is also known for its excellent file-sharing features, and for its HD-Quality video playing Media Player. You can even stream “Live” video and audio, instead of downloading.   DownloadQR-Code Vuze Torrent Downloader Developer: Azureus Software, Inc. Price: Free+

5. aDownloader

You can now transfer torrent files from your computer to your smartphone’s MicroSD card and open them with aDownloader. The app has a strong sense of responsible ‘notification-complex’  that alerts you after finishing downloads, and also in the notification area that shows currently executed programs.


A simple list detail the downloads in progress contains a file manager to navigate between directories and files using which you can directly open a download file.   DownloadQR-Code aDownloader – torrent download Developer: Ansha Team Price: Free   

6. tTorrent Lite

tTorrent Lite allows integration with recognized Internet browsers and makes a link available for download only after verification. Regardless of the file size, the download occurs pretty fast, since there is no limitation on speed.

aTorrent lite

Another striking feature is the in-app search mode for torrents. The app supports IP filtering, proxy, and encryption.   DownloadQR-Code tTorrent Lite Developer: tagsoft Price: Free   

7. aTorrent PRO

aTorrent Pro may not have an impressive eye-boggling UI, but it is every bit as practical & takes a complete advantage of any available connection.

The torrents open right from the browser, Magnet support links, Add torrent file, Choose the download folder, partial downloads, multiple parallel downloads, Option to limit downloads over Wi-Fi and pause downloads when external power supply is not connected.   DownloadQR-Code aTorrent PRO – Torrent App Developer: Mobilityflow Torrents Price: 2,29 €   

8. FrostWire

If you fancy chatting online while downloading, then, FrostWire is the perfect app. Featuring BitTorrent and Proxy support, options to integrate with iTunes, and a library to organize files.

It is a great tool for searching for images, texts, videos, and music. Built-in support for listening to online radio through the streaming system, as well as File Sharing. However, FrostWire does not have the simultaneous syncing capability between accounts of the same user.   DownloadQR-Code FrostWire: Torrent Downloader & Music Player Developer: FrostWire.com Price: Free+

9. LimeTorrents

Upon accessing LimeTorrents page, you find a search bar to start looking for categories like Anime, Applications, Games, Movies, Music, TV Shows, etc. The results are displayed on a huge variety of content making it a great advantage. In the search results, you can check the file sizes and dates.

The download happens instantly and starts with choosing the file you wish to download and linking the torrent to download with one-click.

10. Torrent Video Player – TVP

Allows you to watch or listen to torrent files through your smartphone or tablet. Do not wait any longer for the complete download to watch your favorite series or listen to your favorite band’s newest album. Just open the file in ‘.torrent’ format or insert Magnet Link to start streaming.

After a few seconds of loading, the application will start streaming all the contents. The player, based on VLP Player, has features that will enhance your experiences, like volume control and zoom. And also options to deal with bass boosters and treble adjustments.   DownloadQR-Code Torrent Video Player- TVP Free Developer: Mobilityflow TVP Price: Free   


The offered resources of the above-listed fastest torrent downloader apps for Android 2019 to make them much more than a file-sharing software. When it comes to Torrents, the question is not ‘Which is the best?’ but more like ‘Which one to pick?’ Why not use them all and enjoy the best of each has to offer your Android.

If you have been using one that you’d like us to know about, share your experiences/suggestions in the comments down below. Keep visiting Android Crush for more such posts!   5 (100%) 1 vote  

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